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Online Married Dating Sites…Are They Real?

Marriage is not always bliss. There is a reason why so many say that marriage is hard work, because it is. When you are having a hard time in your marriage, the first sign is in the bedroom. Being stressed out, tired, and at each other’s throats, the last thing that your wife is going to want to do is sleep with you. That is why many men choose to find sex outside of their committed relationship. Not wanting to lose it all, wife that they love, kids and their house, they opt to find the sex that they miss and still hold onto their current relationships. There are often times when an affair can rekindle a marriage. If nothing else, it is responsible many times for saving it. If a guy is getting his needs met outside of the relationship, then he is more likely to stay put.

married dating sites

Online married dating sites are a great way to have an affair and not get caught

If you are looking to have an affair you may be wondering if online married dating sites are real. The answer may be frustrating, because it is yes and no. Do you know if works? There are some sites that are real, and then there are some that are really dangerous. How do you know the difference? Again a frustrating answer. Every site is going to have some people who are real, and some who are not. The only way to survive the online married dating sites is by knowing how to protect yourself and what to look for that indicates that a person may not be who they say they are.

Why they exist

Online married dating sites were created for one purpose, and that is to provide those in a committed relationship the sex that they aren’t getting at home. They aren’t for people who want to find a long term relationship, or Mr. or Mrs. Right. They are purely for people who want to have a thrilling experience and not get caught. What is the best way not to get caught? It is to go outside of the circle of people that you know. Having sex with a complete stranger, whom you will likely never see again, is the perfect way to have your cake and eat it to. That is why online married dating sites are so popular.There was much resistance to the online married dating sites. Many thought that they were too good to be true and didn’t give them a second look. Then rumors began to circulate that they were not only real, they were working. Due to the success of online dating sites, people all around the world from California to Chicago are getting all the sex that they want, and they are staying in their current relationship. Not leaving a relationship out of lack of intimacy, marriages are able to stay together.

What are the best online married dating sites?

If you are looking for the best married dating sites to choose, look for one that caters specifically to a married audience. When you are on just any dating sites, the people there may be looking for a long term relationship which is not what you are looking for. The last thing that you want to do is to make someone angry enough to want to bust you. When you are on a married dating site there is a mutual agreement that both parties are there for the same purpose. You don’t have to explain yourself, or to hide anything. The person that you are choosing to contact has just as much on the line to lose as you do. It is the best type of site to use because most of them understand the privacy that you need, and strictly adhere to it. Online married dating sites know that their clientele needs to be handled differently. They should ideally protect your identity and not sell your email address to anyone so that you are inundated with emails soliciting you for sex, or any other graphic images that, if intercepted, will make your spouse wonder what you have been up to.

an online dating

Don’t do anything on an online dating site you wouldn’t do anywhere else online

When you are using an online married dating site it is still warranted to remain cautious. Using your common sense to not fall for online predatory scams is important. Since you have a lot to lose the last thing that you want is for someone to use it to their advantage. There have been scams that involve threatening, or intimidation, to married individuals.The key to having a satisfying affair is to be smart enough not to get caught. Think carefully about what you are saying, and doing, to minimize the potential that you will hurt your spouse. You want to get sex on the side, but don’t jeopardize everything you have to get it. Approach your online dating as you would anything else that you do on the internet, with a suspicious nature and in trepidation.

Buying Stock Online – Where to Start?

So, you want to start buying and selling stocks online, in order to make your millions? Some make it out to be as simple as that, and that all you need is a computer, internet connection and a bit of nous and you will be on your way to becoming the next Gordon Gecko. Not so fast unfortunately. The buying and selling of stock is a highly regulated market and you will need assistance, the right amount of money and a lot of research and preparation before you start making your trades.

Choosing A Stockbroker

stockbroker-on-phoneThe first big choice you have to make is choosing a stockbroker. Don’t just plump for the first one you find. This is as important decision as choosing which stocks you are going to invest in. If you get this choice wrong, you could either find yourself deep into the market without the correct knowledge and no back-up from your broker, or if you do start to make money, you could find any profit eaten up by fees you were unaware of because you didn’t do the correct research. Though you might be very tempted to jump head long into the market, I strongly advise spending as much time as possible looking through all of the online stockbrokers available to make the right choice for you, your money and your investments.

Most stockbrokers can be broken down into four different categories:

1)      There are the very basic stockbrokers. These are the online and discount brokers who act merely as order-takers. They will not be offering you any assistance or advice, so you are on your own from day one. The only time you will communicate with the brokers is when you place your orders, and they will do as you wish, even if they think it might be a bad idea. Because there is no investment advice, recommendations or stock tips then these brokers are the cheapest. That is the advantage that these brokers have over others offering more extensive services – cost. They will probably not have a minimum investment level or minimum deposit and they will on take a small fee on a per share or per transaction basis. Therefore you need relatively little money to open these accounts and they can be a good starting point for people wanting to make money in stocks but don’t have large cash reserves for larger brokerages. If you are comfortable taking all the responsibility for your trades and you think you understand the market enough to make a profit without too much help, these are the brokers to go for.

2)      Some discount brokers do however offer assistance. These may even be the same companies, but offer different levels of service for differing fees. If you feel you need a bit of help, would like stock tips each week and think you would like the more in-depth reports that these companies often provide, then it might be worth paying the monthly fee to get a bit more knowledge about your investments.

3)      Full-service brokers are more akin to the traditional type of stockbroker. They will actually want to talk to you and want to understand what you want from your investments and will draw up a financial plan for you. These will often be attached to financial advisory firms, or to large banks and will pool all your information regarding your finances and lifestyle in order to help you get the most out of the stock market. This is the type of firm you should approach if you want a more hands-off approach to your investments and are happier letting more knowledgeable people make those decisions. They are obviously more expensive than the discount brokers as they are offering a far more full service. The extra fee cost may well be worth it, as you are far less likely to make mistakes with the help of a financial advisor and therefore more likely to profit from your investments. These accounts will often want a minimum deposit in order to start trading, with the starting point for these firms being as little as $1000.

4)      If you are entirely happy with offloading your investment strategy to someone else then a money manager will make more sense than either discount brokers or full service brokers. Money managers often handle very large portfolios and pool money from a number of investors to get the best deals on the market and take significant, large positions on even the most expensive stocks. These people become very rich though both investing their own money along with yours and though taking large fees for handling you money. These accounts aren’t really for the average person. Most money managers won’t even take your phone call if you don’t have $100,000 to invest, and the best managers handle accounts and investments even large than that.


How To Stop Sucking While Dating: You Can Meet More Women By Finding Inner Confidence

meeting british women
Men must learn how to stop sucking. It is not good while you are dating. Instead of sucking, what you need to do is to work on finding your inner confidence. This is what you will require if you intend to meet women online on and take them out on a date, or several. If you develop the habit of sucking at girls, you will come out as a person with very low self or inner confidence. If you can learn to get rid of such a behavior, it will help you to project the image of a person who has attained the required amounts of inner confidence and is willing to date the woman of your dreams.

Why Do Women Love Confident Men?

The answer to this question is simply because they cannot resist you. They are helpless when in the presence of such a person. They find you plain irresistible. You are simply the type of a man she can’t keep away from and must be around you at all times. She finds such a person to be very attractive and wants to hang around you at all times. She feels that this is the sort of person she needs in her life. Is there a man in the world who wouldn’t want to be desired and admired in this way by women? You can project this image while you meet women online, as well as in real life. Women find that the confident man is one who brings a sense of security that she cannot get anywhere else. Moreover, she will be left impressed by the level of power and leadership as well as aura that you project when you have this inner confidence. You need to take care lest you also come off as cocky. You need to understand that there is a whole world of difference between cockiness and confidence. If you have inner confidence, you are not jealous when other men spend time with your woman. You know where you stand with her and nothing threatens you. No woman can resist such a man. It is also evident that the greatness felt by a confident man, is something which the woman also needs in her life. She considers that she can benefit from the feeling just like her man. She can’t keep away from such a man. She needs to walk in the same measure of confidence as her man. She needs to feel just as great about her own life and choices. The fact that the confident man is one who is self assured to an extent of not seeking approval from men, makes him even more attractive., Such a man isn’t one who loves to meet women online, because he already has what he needs. This level of inner confidence also helps the woman to appreciate the fact that her man will get anything he wants in life. This is something that she finds to be very appealing. She knows that if she went to a party with him where knows nobody but her, he will still be able to carry himself well before other people. Moreover, this woman also understands that the man can handle any situation hat suddenly arises in their lives. She doesn’t feel threatened by the sudden situations and problems that life throws into their relationship. She has firm faith in her man.

More than anything else is the fact that such a man is self assured in his relationship with his woman. He feels that there is no reason for him to keep doing the things which other people love to do. He sees no more reason why he should be one who loves to meet women online, like some of his friends love to do. It is important to understand the perspective of the lady with regard to this level of inner confidence. She might have been forced to take care of people in her previous relationships. She also wants a man who can take care of her. This is what she hopes to get in such a confident man as this one.

How to Build Inner Confidence

There are several things that you can do to improve or build up your inner confidence as a man. You should never forget that if you are to be successful when you meet women online, they will only be attracted to you if they can tell that your inner confidence is not in question. However, if they feel that you are not a confident person, they might choose to reject your advances and try something different. The first area you need to start working on is in the area of being extremely positive. Be a person who is genuinely optimistic at all times. This will work wonders for you.

Be Strong

You also need to learn to pay more attention to your strengths instead of your weaknesses. If you are the sort of a man with a tendency of focusing on your weaknesses, even the little confidence you already have will disappear totally. You need to learn how to shift your focus as a man into the strengths and positive traits you possess. This will definitely help you to become good as you meet women online. It will help you to market yourself much better. Remember that the dating game is, in many ways, about marketing yourself as a man and causing women to get attracted to you.

Your personal powers

Learn what personal power means. Once you get a good understanding of what personal power is, you need to start working on it. Step into what you consider as your natural goodness. You might have been led to believe that people are inherently evil. This is not entirely true. Yes, there are people who are evil in everything, or most of the things that they do. However, the tendency of mankind is to be good. Your work is to work on finding out what you are naturally good at and making sure that you step into it and function fully under it. This is one aspect that will give you victory when you meet women online. If you are the kind of a man with a tendency of comparing yourself with others, you should bring such a behavior to a stop immediately. You will never be able to achieve the inner confidence you need if you love to compare yourself with other people. It is possible for a person to get so damaged through comparison with other people who have more than you, are richer than you, stronger than you, or more talented than you, and probably more talented than you. This will eat into any little inner confidence you might have. Don’t compare yourself with others. It will only make you sad and unhappy. Finally, you should learn to be in control. Learn to take up responsibilities. Don’t let it appear as if you are not the one in control. Speak up where you need to. It is important to realize that as a person, you won’t always get what you want. There are times when you won’t even succeed to meet women online as you might have desired. However, it is only your inner confidence that will motivate you to move forward regardless of the kind of results you get in your endeavors.

How to Do Casual Relationships: Rules and etiquette for one night stands

womans-backJust because you are single doesn’t mean that you have to give up on sex. If you are up for the idea of a casual relationship, you can still have some fun while single. Of course you will have to prepare yourself mentally for the no-strings-attached relationships. One-night-stands can be a lot of fun, at least for the meanwhile. It is something different from anything else you have ever experienced. With that, there are a couple of rules that go with one-night-stands.

#8: Prepare yourself mentally

One night stands are not for the faint hearted. You need to really think about what you really want to get out of it. If you are trying to get back at an ex or just got out of a long term relationship and feeling lonely, this may not be the thing for you. You may want to find a nice guy and just “see how it goes”. If you are in it for the fun, then by all means go for it. You only need to make sure that you are ready for him sneaking out at ungodly hours without even saying goodbye.

#7: Be honest

If all you are looking for is a one night stand, be honest with the guy. Believe it or not, there are men out there that aren’t simply looking for sex. There are guys who are more comfortable having sex with someone they actually care about. If you are not going to call him again, or even want to exchange numbers, let him know from the get go.

#6: Protect yourself

Safety is the number one rule for one-night-stands. If you feel in the least bit uncomfortable about leaving with a man, don’t do it. The rule of thumb here is to trust your instincts. Make sure that your friends know a little about him and his friends. It pays to take a little extra caution, so make sure that your mobile is charged, and at least one person knows where you are. Most of all carry a condom. Don’t leave it up to the guy to have protection. You don’t need to worry about looking like a slut. For one, you are protecting yourself, and secondly, you are never going to see him again anyway. Safety is first in all situations.

#5: Take beer goggles seriously

couple-in-bedThis is a real risk that you need to be careful of. Alcohol has a way of turning an otherwise Shrek looking character into the most eligible guy in the club. To save yourself a lot of embarrassment and regret, pick out your catch earlier on in the night before the drinks start flowing. If you are in any doubt about what the guy actually looks like, arrange to meet another time. You will be able to make a better decision about sleeping with him once you see him when you are sober.

#4: Have an exit strategy

If you are going back to his house, you need to have an exit strategy ready. He may seem like the coolest, nicest guy in the world, but remember that alcohol is at play here. Tell him before you leave for his house that you have an early morning engagement. This way, you have a perfect exit strategy. If you end up liking him and want to hang out (which is not recommended, but things happen) you can simply say your plans were cancelled.

#3: Do not overstay your welcome

You really do not want to be that girl that gets kicked out of a guy’s apartment. It is humiliating to say the least. If you had a great time, and want to keep hanging out, you better check yourself and leave. It is better to leave earlier. If he actually wants to see you again, this will work in your favour. You will leave him wanting more, and he will be sure to call. If he doesn’t want to hang out another time, which is often the case with one night stands, at least you will not be humiliated by being asked directly or indirectly to leave.

#2: Don’t leave things at his house

If you have to go back to get your stuff, he will probably think that you did it on purpose. On that note, you should never leave anything behind so you can go back later to get it. He will call you if he likes you. If not, that is just the way one-night-stands work. Make sure that you have every single thing before leaving his house. This also works both ways. You should not let him leave anything at your house either. Make sure that he has all his belongings before he walks out of the door.

#1: It’s not personal, its business

Rejection is never easy to take, and you are more likely to experience it during a one night stand. Remember that you both agreed that this is nothing serious, so don’t take it personally if he sneaks out at the crack of dawn. Also don’t take it personally if he doesn’t call you back. This is just the nature of one-night-stands.

lying-in-bed-coupleWhen all is said and done, one night stands can be fun. You only need to follow these rules and you will have a great time out there. The biggest rule however is not to get into anything you cannot handle. If you know that you cannot sleep with a man without developing feelings for him, you are better off thinking twice about your decision.

When Men Have Unrealistic Expectations of Women

A lot has been said about women and their unrealistic expectations of men, but not enough has been said about their male counterparts. Although most guys would never admit it, they are a little off, bordering on the crazy when it comes to their ideal woman. Men can be just as indecisive about women as women can be, but will rarely admit it. There is a lot that goes through a man’s mind when looking for potential dates. At the end of the day, men aren’t as innocent as they make themselves out to be when it comes to matters of the heart.


Men love a woman with a body, but not fat!

Men aren’t too sure what they want their woman to look like. Men will make it out like they are not too bothered by what a woman looks like, but the truth is that they don’t even know what they want in the first place. Any man will tell you that that they want a woman with big breasts and some ass. At the same time, they will say they won’t be caught dead with a ‘fat’ girl. Even the guys who are into slimmer women aren’t sure what they want. On the one hand, they want the girl to be slim, but not ‘skinny’. Fitting right into a man’s perfect picture is difficult if not outright impossible. It is not for lack of trying, it is simply because men aren’t even sure what they want in the first place.

Men want women to call them, but not too much

This is another balancing act that women have to deal with when dating a guy especially for the first few weeks. Any man will tell you that they don’t want to be nagged. A woman who calls all the time is a man’s worst nightmare. At the same time, they also want a woman who will call often to check in on them. Miss a day or two and the man will move on to the next one thinking that the woman is no longer interested. This can be extremely confusing to say the least. It is difficult to get just the right number of times to call a man so you don’t sound obsessed, but still interested enough in him.

Men like to be needed, but they also want an independent woman

This is yet another paradox when men have unrealistic expectations of women. Any man will tell you that they want to date a woman who can take care of herself. This means that she can go shopping on her own, pay her own bills, and pay the tab if only once in a while. At the same time, men will tell you that they want to be needed. They still want to feel relevant and like they are playing an important role in the woman’s life. Again, it is difficult for women to figure out just the right amount of independence and neediness to make their man happy. This is a balancing act that a lot of women are simply unable to get right.

Men don’t want to talk about their feelings, but want women to empathise

Most men don’t want to talk about their feelings. Period. Men don’t want to sound like they are complaining or whining. They will rarely get into the details of a bad day, or family issues that they are worried about. At the same time, they want their women to empathise and fix the situation for them. Men generally find it difficult to express themselves candidly. At the same time, they still want a woman who will be there through the rough times, at least someone who can help lighten the load. The woman will therefore have to figure out a way of simply ‘being there’ without prodding for details or having much to go on with in the first place.

Men want to talk about things, but not really

It may sound like a contradiction but men also like to talk, but rarely about their emotions. They want someone who will be there to listen and offer support. Whether they are talking about a promotion that is coming up, or plans for the future, men have things to say and want someone there to listen. At the same time, they won’t talk to their women about everything. Some things they can only share with their male friends. They want someone there to listen, but are selective about what they actually have to say when it comes down to it.

Men are a walking paradox that is difficult to discern. For the most part, men will complain about women not knowing what they want. The truth is that men are just as guilty. In the relationship world, things have a way of evening out, and these things aren’t obvious from the surface. At the end of the day, things work out fine, but it is great to know that even men are guilty of not knowing what they really want.

Sink Your Fangs Into This

Vampires are HOT!!!!!!!!! And WB’s DVD release of the complete series, Moonlight, brings fresh blood for thirsting vampire lovers.

Private eye, Mick St. John (Alex O’Laughlin) is a vamp with morals and a soft spot for humans. Unlike his best friend, Josef (Jason Dohring) who can be decisively savage and protective of the clan.  Set against a sleek and sexy Los Angeles backdrop, the series revolves around Mick’s investigations, relationships and the complications of being a vampire.

And yes, there is a love interest!  Beth Tanner (Sophia Myles) is a Buzzwire reporter tied to Mick’s past and MAYBE to his future. He feels drawn to protect her and maybe even love her, but is honorably aware that loving a mortal can be eternally dangerous.

This DVD is awesome.  Beautifully shot, well written and directed and someone, maybe WB, should dig their teeth into this one and deliver more blood dripping drama!

I give it 5 out of 5 stars.

Its Elemental

Today’s man wants a fragrance that’s as multi-faceted as he is. Just for him, HUGO Boss has blended HUGO Element – urban chic meets rugged outdoors.

True to it’s title, the scent is distinctive with a fresh and modern masculinity. Top notes of calone conjure water, ginger and coriander leaf represent fire, and woodsy low notes summon the earth. Every element is given attention, including the bottle’s design.

Available at Macy’s, Neiman Marcus & better department stores nationwide later this month.

Gotta Go, Retro!

Get a handle on the hottest product for your mobile – the new Retro Handset from Yubz! Available in red, pink or artist-inspired designs, I simply plug it into my phone’s headset jack and umph(!) my granddad’s old ‘land-line’ styled phone right in my pocket.

Okay, so it’s a bit unpractical, but what a fun gift idea! I’ll probably pick up a few for gift giving season. It’s fun, fab and easy on the bank.

DVD Review: The Women

Grab your jammies, your best gal-pals and tuck in for this warm fuzzy and funny chick flick. The Women is an updated version of the 1936 classic and made by, for and about today’s women.

Mary Haines (Meg Ryan) appears to have it all until her world is rocked when she discovers that her hubby is cheating on her with a sexy Saks 5th Ave. perfume girl (Eva Mendes). Mom (Candice Bergen) and girlfriends (Annette Bening, Debra Messing, Jada Pinkett Smith) rally to Mary’s side laughing, crying, bickering, sharing, revenging and even betraying only to discover that their lives are richer because of their friendships and relationships.

Meg Ryan and Annette Bening deliver spot on funny performances flanked by a stellar supporting cast. This film delivers the message of Girl-Power not only in the film’s content but also in the casting of its smaller cameo roles (Cloris Leachman, Bette Midler and Carrie Fischer).

Diane English’s (creator of Murphy Brown) background in episodic TV is visible as she crafts this funny, light and feel good flick. I give this DVD 3 out of 5 stars.