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          The department specializes in importing and exporting machines, complete plants, technology and software as well as taking part in engineering projects and tendering projects and dispatching skill workers and trainees.
                  Business Scope:
          Various kinds of complete plants and production lines
                  Environment protection projects, municipal water treatment projects
                  Plywood line, MDF line, particleboard line, lamination line, impregnation line etc.
                  Power station and transmission line
                  Locomotives and wagons
                  Telecommunication projects
                  Cement production line
                  Beer and beverage bottling line
                  Chemical complete plant
                  Auto parts

          Da Qiao Pumping Station For
          Shanghai Huangpu River
          Upper Reaches Diversion Project
          Shanghai BaiLong Gang Waste
          Water Treatment Plant

          Lamination Line

          Contact:Bing Chen
          Tel:    86-21-60835612
          Fax:    86-21-60835613
          Email:  plants@smiec-int.com
          Add:7A Floor, HuangPu Road, Shanghai China     Zip:200080
          Tel:86-21-60835600    Fax:86-21-60835652
          smiec-int.com    Email:smiec@smiec-int.com
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