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                  With the import & export trade for mechanical & electrical products as the corporation's main line of business, this Dept handles various kinds of machines and complete plants. 
          1.Export Items
                 Plastic processing machinery. Rubber processing machinery, Pharmaceutical machinery, Light industry machinery, Cultural & printing machinery, Machinery for food industry, Fire fighting equipment & apparatus, Packaging machinery, General-purpose machinery, General-purpose parts & components, Woodworking machinery, Textile machinery, Knitting machinery & parts, Transportation equipment, Auto parts, Battery, Machinery accessory, Miscellaneous machinery.
                  Construction equipment & engineering machinery, Harbor machinery, Power machinery, Petroleum and chemical machinery, Mining machinery, Metallurgical machinery, Fishery machinery, Industrial boiler, Spraying & coating equipment, Agricultural machinery, Refrigerating machinery, Air separation equipment.
                  Various kinds of Complete plants, General engineering contractors and Bidding in tenders.
                  Air compressors, Speed reducers, Bench drilling machines, Bearings, Power tools, Hydraulic tools,Tool trolleys, Hardware accessories.
                  Chemical products, Pharmaceutical and health products, Dyestuffs, Additives and Intermediates.
                  Garments & textiles, Suitcases & briefcases, Stationery, Shoes & hats, Toys.
                  Processing against supplied materials including machine parts made against buyers' drawings, samples or with buyers' materials.
          2. Import Items
                 Different types of machinery, complete plant, machine parts & components, iron and steel materials.

          Mixing Mill for Rubber
          Bench Drilling Machine
          Nail Making Machine

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