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                  This Dept mainly handles the export business of Electronic products, Electronic components & devices, Electric equipment, Electric appliances & fittings, Electric light sources & Lighting apparatus, Instruments & Meters. Modes of trade range from importing and exporting on their own account or acting as agents, joint ventures and co-production ventures, compensation trade and processing & assembling on buyer's samples, designs or materials, bidding for both foreign and domestic big projects, as well as domestic wholesale & retail.
                  With the development of the technology of electronic industry and other industries in our country, we are progressively developing export products with advanced technology and high value added items, such as advanced telecommunication equipment, electric light sources and electric appliances, electric accessories of American or European standards, high performance automatic meters, audio and video systems, precision medical instruments, computers & spare parts, and laser equipment.
                  Business Scope of Electronics & Instruments Dept:
                 Optical instruments & components, Educational apparatus, Laboratory instruments, Weighing machines, Medical instruments & equipment, Telecommmunication products, Electronic equipment & apparatus, Meters, Electric light sources, Electronic components, devices & materials, Electric equipment, Electric meters, Audio and video systems, Electric appliances,  Computers &  spare parts. Orders accepted for electrical products to customers' drawings, samples or brands or with buyers' parts. The corporation has owned brand names of Wheel brand, Sail brand and Tricle brand.

          Various Lamp

          Various Bulb

          Parts of Steam Iron Parts of Blender Parts of Water Dispenser

          Peijun Lou
          Tel:    86-21-60835635
          Fax:    86-21-60835609
          Email:  electro@smiec-int.com



          Laboratory Glassware

          Add:7A Floor, HuangPu Road, Shanghai China     Zip:200080
          Tel:86-21-60835600    Fax:86-21-60835652
          smiec-int.com    Email:smiec@smiec-int.com
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