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          Our corporation, as the first exporter of Chinese tools in the country, has been exporting all sorts of tools for more than fifty years. It has owned the following famous brands: Diamond, Flying Wheel, Golden Gear, Swordfish, Two-Axe and SMIEC, etc.
                  This Dept mainly handles various kinds of hand tools, hydraulic tools, power tools, Cutting Tools,  Precision Measuring Tools, Pneumatic Tools, garden tools and agricultural tools, etc.

          We can meet customers' requirements by accepting orders to their samples or brands. Packing with novel designs are also available, e.g. color box, skin packaging, pouch, blow case and double-blister and so on.
          The tools exported by us are great in varieties, comprehensive in specifications, reliable in quality and reasonable in price. We have therefore been enjoying high reputation domestically and overseas.

                  Customers are welcome to have business talks and place orders with us.

          Various Tools
          Contact:Qing Zhou / Zheng Li
          Tel:    86-21- 60835618 / 60835615
          Fax:    86-21- 60835613
          Email:  tools@smiec-int.com
          Add:7A Floor, HuangPu Road, Shanghai China     Zip:200080
          Tel:86-21-60835600    Fax:86-21-60835652
          smiec-int.com    Email:smiec@smiec-int.com
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