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              Shanghai Machinery International Trading Corp., Ltd. is a specially authorized foreign trade corporation. With Official approval from the Ministry of Foreign Trade & Economic Cooperation, it is an import and export entity restructured from the original Shanghai Machinery Import & Export (Group) Corp., Ltd. (SMIEC). The corporation's main business is import and export of products manufactured in the machinery & electron & instrument industry. Its business is handled by eight export departments and one import department. The new SMIEC will continue to operate and retain all the import & export business dealings of the former SMIEC. The corporation wants to develop strong ties with overseas and domestic trade partners on the basis of equality and mutual benefit and open up a new era for the trade of Shanghai Machinery.

          Add:7A Floor, HuangPu Road, Shanghai China     Zip:200080
          Tel:86-21-60835600    Fax:86-21-60835652
          smiec-int.com    Email:smiec@smiec-int.com

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